Seo Audit

Know Your Site Health, Take Corrective Measures

Google and other major search engines bring out algorithmic updates. These updates often put thousands of websites in a spot of bother. Drop in traffic, drop in SERP rankings and other penalties are common when websites don’t adhere to the latest algorithmic updates. Even a small content issue is enough to invite strict penalties and this can often dent your entire online marketing campaign. Comprehensive SEO Audit is the answer to your woes.

What Is An SEO Audit?

As you may have already guessed from the term it is a comprehensive review of all the factors that contribute to your SEO (search engine optimization) score. In other, it involves identifying all possible issues that have put your site into a fix. We focus on all major and minor issues that affect your rankings and traffic as a part of our SEO Audit services and these include -

• Domains, Subdomains& URLs
• Internal and External Links
• Page Title, Meta Description, and Keywords
• Landing Page Issues Including Content
• Redirects and 404 Page Errors
• Robots.txt
• Indexing and Crawl Issues
• Page Load Time
• Code Validation
• HTML and XML Sitemaps
• Navigation and File Structure
• Content and Duplicate Content Issues
• Webmaster Accounts
• Local Optimization
• Image and Mobile Optimisation

How We Help You?

As a passionate team of Internet Marketers, we are well versed in the latest standards and industry practices related to search engine optimization. We closely follow the latest algorithm changes from all major search engines and prepare marketing strategies that are in sync with these changes to earn dividends for our clients. This also puts us in the right place to review websites and identify the bone of contention that either prevents the site from growing traffic organically or has resulted in steep fall in traffic and ranking. You can call us ‘SEO Doctors’ as we identify the symptoms of your problem and suggest the right course of treatment.

Why Choose Us?

High Standards – We have always set high standards for ourselves and believe in offering you the most comprehensive audit report that lets you chalk out your next course of content and SEO strategies that would deliver results.

High ROI – As a serious player in the industry we believe in offering you the most competitive prices against our services. We shall make every dollar count and promise you the strongest return on investment.

Detailed Report – We believe in maintaining complete transparency with our services and hence at the end of the audit we shall provide you with a detailed report. In this report, we shall highlight all the issues that affect the ranking along with potential fixes for your in-house SEO team to handle. As SEO service providers we can make necessary changes to your website after discovering the potential problems.

Your website is your biggest marketing tool and when it is penalized you lose out on potential leads. At Get Website Traffic, we believe in getting tons of traffic to your website by helping you identify and fix all the potential reasons that are putting an obstacle to your growth. To discuss the possibilities with SEO Audit,gives us a buzz at 1300319020 or write to us at