A Newbie’s Guide to Technical SEO
A Newbie’s Guide to Technical SEO


Market research companies Sydney employ simple and complex SEO techniques to get your website on the top pages of search engines. Amid the confusion, it is actually amusing to know about technical SEO.

Below is a list of some of the most common facts when it comes to SEO. Just a side note, they may not be a good way to strike up a conversation but they will surely improve your website’s conversion and provide you with more positive results.

Page Speed is Important

As a user, you might have experienced being annoyed when a website you are trying to visit loads very slow. Aside from giving a bad impression to your users, you are also giving a bad impression to search engines. With Google’s continuous updates in their algorithms to rank websites, it is important that you dive into improving the page speed of your website’s pages. You can do this by optimising the elements that are on a page. Minimise the size of the images as much as possible and do not include fancy and complicated (sometimes unnecessary) animations. Furthermore, you can also monitor your page speed by using a handful of available tools that for testing.

Robots.txt are Sensitive

A lot of SEO practitioners often overlook this but it is important to pay attention to them. For them to be recognised, they must have a filename that is in lower cases (robots.txt). More importantly, they should be placed on the main directory of a website in order for search engine crawlers to find them.

Infinite Scrolls Are Hit and Miss

The crawlers of search engines do not guarantee that they can crawl infinite scrolls. If they can’t, your page may not simply rank. Now, if it is necessary to have infinite scroll for your website, ensure that you employ paginations to supplement to the long scroll. Additionally, ensure that there is an implementation of “replaceState/pushState” on the page that uses infinite scrolling. Moreover, you should check that the page with the infinite scroll as rel=”next” and rel=”prev” in its code. You will be glad to know about this little trick that not many developers know.

To Google, A Sitemap is a Sitemap

Do not even bother spending too much time making your sitemap aesthetically organised. Google only cares about your sitemap is in XML. So, you can pretty much play with the structure of your sitemap but always make sure that you save it in XML format.

Homepage is Priority

This might be a case-to-case basis but in general, search engines like Google will normally go to your homepage first. So, make sure that it is completely optimised. However, if you are doing off-page SEO to a specific inside page in your website, search engines will crawl on that first. Otherwise, focus on the homepage especially when you are just starting out.

This list is not extensive. As we have mentioned, technical Seo is vast and market research companies Sydney employ the best strategies to get the right results. The key to understanding SEO as a whole is to be really hardworking when it comes to finding resources where you can learn all about it.

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