Link building

Get the Right Connections, Cash In On Them

Link building is one of the most effective ways of increasing your website’s visibility on the search engines. At Get Website Traffic we see link building as work horse of your SEO strategy as External links improve your visibility on the search engines. While Link Building isn’t ‘building’ in the true sense anymore today it’s more about attracting users and search engine bots through quality content and links posted on top websites.

What We Do?

While there are dozens of link building strategies that have been explored in the last two decades not all of them pay dividends anymore. So our link building experts focus on three types of links.

Editorial Links – These links are termed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of link building as they come to you naturally and aren’t sourced forcefully. We shall post well-researched content and offer something unique and this lets us gain links from the authority sites naturally resulting in maximum dividends for your site.

Manual Links – Also known as Outreach Links we shall source these links by submitting to different directories, asking bloggers to link to your site, or simply paying for a link on another site. Although not as effective as Editorial links with this strategy we shall improve your overall exposure to search engine spiders.

Non-Editorial Links – We generate non-editorial links on the most popular sites by posting comments, registering on different social networks, forums and message boards.

How We Help You?

We are a passionate team and always aim to run inspirational campaigns for our clients. Link Building strategies have gone through a renaissance in the last 5-7 years so much so that using old school link building tricks can land you in a soup. At Get Website Traffic wekeep track of the latest search engine algorithmic updates and ensure that your entire link building exercise is in line with the best practices in the industry. Google has penalized several sites that were over dependentthe outdated strategies. We do acomplete review of your existing link profile and prepare a strategy that helps overcome the trouble areas in your existing link profile and improve your site’s SEO fitness.

Why Choose Us?

Technical Knowhow – We are well versed with the latest standards of link building and ensure that your link profile is healthy and propels your site to greater heights.

Quality over Quantity – The number of links are irrelevant these days and what matters is the number of quality sites that would link to your website. We shall help you get links from sites that matter.

Detailed Reports – Transparency is one of our mission statements and we shall provide you a detailed report of all link building activities with KPIs to measure our efforts.

Quality links shall offer you maximum visibility on the search engines and help you edge past competition. At Get Website Traffic,we know how to curate quality links for your website and shall also help you fix all existing issues. The possibilities have just begun and you are a call away from success. To discuss these possibilities and know more about our Link Building services call us at 1300319020 or write to us at