An Introductory Guide to Website Auditing
An Introductory Guide to Website Auditing

A website is basically the business’ online representation. It is the digital counterpart of the business’ storefront or workplace. And just like their physical counterpart, a website also needs periodical checkups to make sure that everything is up to date and that it is free of any erratic elements. If you still have not done this checkup in a long time, you should consider hiring an SEO company in Sydney to efficiently do a website audit.

Website Audit Definition

Generally, a website audit is defined as a complete examination of a website before a higher level of search engine optimisation will be implemented or a website redesign is made. The main goal of auditing is to ensure that the page is fully optimised so it is ready for SEO and it can actually drive traffic and conversion to your website.

Website Audit Benefits

A website audit is not only done just because it is required by different search engines. There are actually a lot of benefits that you, as a business owner, can get. From the perspective of a marketer, here are the awesome benefits you can get from a website audit.

Better Website Performance: A website audit is done not only for the content quality. It also tries to review the technical aspects of the website. This means that you can identify if there are problems with the overall performance of the website such as the loading speed, button functionalities, and the overall structure.

Better SEO: As we have said, one of the most major reasons why a website audit is made is to make sure it follows the standards of SEO strategies. When you do a website audit, you can determine if you have missed different opportunities to optimise your website with SEO to the fullest.

Better Conversion Rate: Lastly, with a website audit, you can evaluate if your conversion and lead generation strategies need improvement. This will also greatly improve the overall layout and design of your website to facilitate better customer experience.

The Four Assessment Points of Website Auditing

There are four general aspects you should look into when you are auditing your website.

1.Website Performance: This is concerned with the way your users navigate the website. You need to see if your pages are created to be fully usable and that it loads quickly.

2.SEO: The next point is to review your website in terms of the different SEO standards. This means checking on the content if they are of high quality and if they are completely following the technical aspects of SEO.

3.Conversion Rate: Next is to audit your website with conversion in mind. See if you have enough call-to-actions and if they are placed in the right parts of the website. Additionally, check if your copy is geared toward convincing your visitors with your offers.

4.Technicalities: This is where you audit your website to make sure that it is mobile-responsive, free of error messages and contain optimised URLs.

This may sound very simple and the list may be very short but there are actually a lot of more specific categories of tasks you need to do under each of the points we mentioned above. So, consider hiring an SEO company in Sydney so that your website audit is seamless and perfect.

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