Essential Social Media Marketing Guidelines You Cannot Ignore

Social Media Guidelines

Social media is an important tool for marketing businesses today. SEO in Sydney companies are helping business owners brand their business, get leads, nurture relationships, and grow the business all through social media. Would you like to do the same for your business? Here are a few tips to help you succeed.

Plan Your Social Media Strategy

You cannot just operate haphazardly, a well thought out strategy is important. Try and answer the questions.

  • Why are you using social media?
  • Who is your target?
  • Which platforms do your targets use more frequently

When those questions are answered you can create your strategy according to those answers. It is also best to keep the platforms down to 3 for a start.

Choose Quality Content

In order to keep your target interested, the content has to be something they can value. You need to take time to think what your targets may find relevant, entertaining or informative. One way to do this is to collect a list of sites that publish high-quality content in your field of business and regularly use these to create content.

Attract Attention to Images

Remember the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” On social media, this is even truer. Images tend to create more engagement, this is why Instagram which is mainly about images has the most interaction and research shows on all other platforms, pictures get 85% more interaction. So post as many relevant pictures as possible.

Join Groups and Participate

Social media is about being social so, by all means, be social! Join groups of like-minded communities or those in the same industry and do not just sit there and be quiet. Participate in conversation, like, tag, follow and recommend. Make your presence felt but do not be too loud and irritating.


There is a habit of many businesses to simply share links and pictures but never respond to comments. That is anti-social! Respond to comments and questions. Keep the communication two-way and it will benefit both you and your target.

Be Consistent

Your posting needs to be consistent and fairly regular. Remember that if you are out of sight, you will end up out of mind. There are many other businesses out there posting content and if you are quiet or irregular, you will become irrelevant and obscure. You can make it easier by automating the process. It is possible to schedule posts and have posts shared across different platforms. There are tools even to help you view all platform feeds on a single screen for better efficiency.

Employ the Split Test

The split test is having two headlines for the same content to see which has the most impact. You can post the same content at different times and benefit from the appeal they will have to different audiences. This is quite common and effective for maximizing the reach of content.

Pay for Attention

Organic reach is no longer as effective as it used to be, so you would benefit more by boosting your posts. The great thing is that the cost can fit any budget.

Analyze Performance

By all means, measure and see if your social media campaigns are hitting the target or falling short and adjust the actions accordingly. There are a number of internet marketing SEO in Sydney companies that can help you with this, so start reaching out to your customers.

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