A Complete Basic Guide to SEO Audit

SEO Audit Guide

An SEO Audit, if performed properly can give a proper insight into the website’s performance and its marketing capability. Thus, a proper strategy is to be laid down as a standard to be used for each and every website. A good SEO company in Sydney must be hired for auditing the websites in a professional manner. One such devised strategy is listed here:

Technical Analysis

The first and the foremost thing to consider is that whether the website is working properly or not. This can be achieved through the technical analysis of the website. It involves the analysis of accessibility as well as indexability. For examining the accessibility, robots.txt files and meta tags are to be checked. Also, any redirection issues are to be identified and resolved. For indexability analysis, it must be checked whether the pages of the website accessed are being displayed inside the search engine or not.

On-Page Analysis

The next step after ensuring the proper working of the website is to use the On-Page Analysis technique. This can be performed in two steps: Identifying general content issues, identifying individual page issues. The general content issues are encountered when the website has conflicting as well as duplicate content. Bloggers sometimes write articles on the same topics to increase website traffic but this can lead to long-term consequences resulting in content duplication. These general issues must be resolved after the audit. The individual page issues are encountered due to improper structuring of the content on a particular page on the website. The articles must be long enough to be visible, should contain good keywords and must have proper working links.

Off-Page Analysis

The third step in the SEO Audit after the previous two steps is the Off-Page Analysis of the website. In this analysis, the popularity of the website is measured. For studying its popularity, the reactions of the people towards the website as well as its trustworthiness is audited. The website that steers clear of all the negative SEO practises will gain higher trust in eyes of the search engines. Examining this trust factor can talk a lot about the website and its future online.

Keyword Analysis for Competitive Advantage

Keywords are considered to be the smallest unit of Search Engine Optimisation. Inspecting and searching for such keywords can be done using SEO audits. The auditors must suggest the website developers for creating content for their website on the basis of the suggested keywords. The auditors can use various SEO tools for identifying the keywords that can provide maximum traffic when compared to the difficulty in ranking.

The step by step guide above can be used as a standard guide for conducting an SEO Audit of a website on a regular basis. Professional help in auditing, such as taking services of an SEO company in Sydney can help in proper auditing of your website. Also, better results in terms of search engine rankings can be achieved by keeping in mind the above strategies.

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