Top 8 SEO Tips to Get More Sales This Holiday Season

A surprisingly little-known fact is that despite all the hype ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber Monday’ are not the biggest sales day, it is the last Saturday before Christmas.

Despite this, these days mark the beginning of a treasure trove of online shoppers purchasing for the holiday season.

Here is a brief list of SEO in Sydney on how to improve your festive season marketing strategy to maximise sales on Black Friday and the Christmas season.

Review Technical SEO Fundamentals:

Before you go overboard with marketing transformations, make sure your SEO foundation is strong. A good way to start is to resolve any gateway issues such as 404 and 301 errors. Your page should be able to handle large volumes of traffic and have working redirect links

Revise Keyword Strategies

The only way to know which keywords generate the most traffic on ‘Black Friday’ is to analyse data from the previous year. Keep a keen look out for words and phrases which had the highest keyword ranking.

Search for words which directly linked to online searches for Black Friday and Christmas deals. Words such as ‘gifts’, ‘deals,’ and ‘discounts’ usually fall into this category.

Create Special Landing Pages

Landing pages are a sure-fire way to entice buyers into viewing your holiday business agenda. Other strategies include creating a sense of anticipation or urgency through well placed keywords such as ‘limited stock available’, ‘coming soon’ or ‘only available on.’

Create Seasonal Content

Although it might seem strange, most successful businesses launch their campaigns months before the holiday season. This is to ensure that the buying public are well aware of their products, prices, and services. Producing gift guides is a useful way to start off one’s holiday campaign

Optimize Weak Core Pages

Make use of the Google analytics tool to determine which of your site’s pages contribute the least towards facilitating sales. Use this information to create content that fully optimises every page towards SEO in Sydney.

Reviews Are a Must

Since there is a huge influx of products and services all offering similar benefits, many users search the web to understand whether your product is worth their investment. Positive customer reviews gain the trust of prospective clients, so make sure that such reviews are the first thing prospective clients view on your site.

Take Advantage of a Strong Social Media Following

Effectively using social media is a cost-friendly method of generating wide reaching advertisement solutions. Engage followers by creating fun and interactive holiday content such as competitions and deals which create brand awareness.

Mobile Marketing and Effective Links

While a greater percentage of sales are carried out via desktop, research shows that the legwork needed to draw clients out has shifted from PC to mobile devices. Make sure your pages are geared towards mobile optimisation. This idea can be further enhanced with the use of paid advertising across social media and search engines.

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