SEO Audit

An SEO audit is when an SEO consultant inspects your website to research what is keeping it from ranking highly in search engines.

Why is an SEO Audit needed?

Before you start a new website or in order to refurbish a not-so-successful one, doing an SEO audit is always good.

You can perform it yourself, but for more complex business models or domains it is better to hire a consultant from a reputed Australian SEO company.

SEO Audit Process

During the process of doing the SEO audit, your SEO consultant will analyse and check if the below things are done on your website:

Technical analysis

During technical analysis some things to be checked are if

  • The website has good loading speed
  • It is easily navigable and has a mobile friendly interface
  • The meta tags and robots.txt files are SEO friendly
  • The XML sitemap is properly formatted and submitted to webmaster tools account
  • The overall website architecture is user friendly; for example: the lesser the clicks from homepage to destination page the easier for crawlers to access that page.

On-Page analysis

During on page analysis some things to be checked are if

  • high ranking keywords are used
  • the content has high readability and good grammar
  • the right number of words for your post are used; for example in healthcare the ideal number of words is over 2000.
  • Images are optimized for SEO
  • Outbound links and internal links are paid attention to

Off-Page analysis

During off-page analysis some things to be checked are if

  • Content is promoted whether on social media or otherwise
  • You connect with influencers
  • You can get more inbound links directing to pages on your website

Competitive analysis and keyword research

The aim of this is to maximise attractiveness of the keyword/s used.

  • Identify your high ranking competitors and find the keywords they are using
  • Use a main keyword that is popular using Google keyword planner
  • Research your domain; read papers, educational articles, books watch podcasts and you will get an idea of the frontier and what could be the upcoming keywords that show signs of demand. Use them.

Goal of SEO audit

The goal is to get more visitors to spend more time on your website and more conversions.

In the process of doing an SEO audit, your consultant may find problems preventing search engines’ ability to crawl your site properly. Once the audit is done, the right consultant from a reputed Australian SEO company will analyse your business, your competitors and the domain and advise you on the best SEO approach for you. This involves a combination of technical fixes, using a mix of keywords and other off-page strategies, executed by both of you hand in hand.

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