OnPage SEO Techniques

Onpage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are techniques used within your website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Some examples of this are improving the meta description to increase search engine visibility.

You may be familiar with how this is done or not. If unaware, you can hire the best SEO company, Australia to assist you with this.

Let us look at some ways your SEO expert can optimize your website onpage:

Pay attention to Page Titles

Make sure your titles are giving a clear picture of the content as it will appear on search results. They will appear on your web browser and while sharing on social media too.

Every webpage on your website and all your posts should have a unique title and keywords particular to them. So don’t have duplicates or leave pages untitled. Don’t write titles that are too long as they won’t be fully displayed on search results. Also put the important keywords in the beginning of the title rather than the end.

Optimise your URL Structure

Make your URL readable for humans and it will perform better in search engines too. Eg: www.gardening.com/flowers/annuals is more readable compared to www. Gardening.com/jkk3kj4gui35/kiefh…..=flowers+annuals

Having keywords in your URL is a good thing for search results and for social media. Shorter URLs are easier to copy and share and make for a better user experience; the fewer the folders the better. Match your URLS to your page titles or posts where possible. Also, the less redirection hops the better.

Keyword Density

Your webpages and posts should have all relevant keywords. This is key for search engines to understand and categorise your content and place it in the related search results.

Be imaginative with your keywords. Research all the relevant fields, checkout synonyms and use keywords targeted towards the user you want to attract to your post.
Mindlessly repeating and overusing keywords is not smart. Keyword stuffing can cause your website to be penalised. Optimum keyword density for SEO can be around 1-3%.

Internal Linking

Having links to your own website pages on your other pages makes your website easily navigable for users. A page should be too many clicks away from the home page. Also remove duplicate, dead or unnecessary links.

While it helps your users to find content, internal linking also makes it easy for search engine web crawlers to evaluate your web site and view all the content. When internal links are properly used it can increase the website’s visibility and Google PageRank of your pages.

When you consult with the best SEO company, Australia these are some things that they will pay attention to while doing Onpage SEO optimisation for your website.

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